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Cognitive automation is a fast-evolving domain in computing and business process automation technology. It involves robotic process automation (RPA) and low-code platforms and promotes business efficiency by integrating artificial intelligence in enterprise operational processes. Cognitive automation involves other technologies like NLP, machine learning and deepfake AI to take the existing information and create models to promote cognitive and automotive-based decision making. The top emerging cognitive automation companies are rapidly turning this technology around to boost productivity, manage customer relationships, and make operations easier for the digital workforce. In this article, we have listed the top cognitive automation solution providers that enterprises can watch in 2022
UiPath is all about taking bolder risks and opening the industry to greater possibilities. The company started in 2005 and provides RPA solutions to automatically log in to a website, extract data spanning over multiple web pages and then transform it according to the users’ choice.
Blue Prism is a global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise and drives transformation in business processes. The company helps enterprises to accelerate operational efficiency by automating manual, rigorous, back-office administrative processes through RPA. The company serves several industrial sectors like healthcare, telecom, and retail to name a few.
Appian is a low-code software development providing company that enables its customers to efficiently develop powerful and unique applications. The company’s RPA solutions focus on aligning technologies, people, and data into a single workflow. It also enables managers and business leaders to track and manage organizational needs, insufficiencies, regulatory changes, and market trends to quickly adapt to industrial needs.
Automation Anywhere is a global leader providing robotic process automation solutions and empowering the customers by automating mundane tasks so that professionals can work on more crucial activities to meet industry demands. Its AI-powered intelligent software bots can perform repetitive and manual tasks resulting in dramatic productivity gains and enhanced customer experience.
Work Fusion focuses on accelerating the world’s transition from traditional business processes into automated business operations. The company provides cloud-based platforms for automating data collection and boosting productivity using machine learning processes and automation tools.
Dynatrace produces software intelligence platforms based on artificial intelligence to monitor and optimize application performance, development, security, and much more. The company features an extensive list of capabilities, making it one of the top providers of cognitive automation solutions.
EdgeVerve provides cloud-based software application solutions for business efficiency and productivity. Its RPA platform is a good fit for large tech companies to get scalable and modern customer service applications, manage customer relationships, and enhance operational productivity. The company has been positioned as a leader in RPA software solutions for 2021-2022.
Catalytic focuses on offering a cloud-based intelligent automation platform for automating unstructured data and business processes. Catalytic library of actions offers different automation categories for various process needs, including tasks and forms, integration, browser navigation, data processing, text analysis and so much more.
Datamatics is well known for its TruBot RPA software that aims to accelerate the productivity of the digital workforce by enabling attended and unattended automation for a wide range of tasks and processes. With the integration of cognitive capabilities like AI, NLP and ML, the company’s workforce gains reasoning capabilities to handle complex industrial issues and deliver intelligent automation.
The company provides AI-based virtual assistants for IT operations. Peritus produces applications to automate support delivery and incident resolution in IT operations, which can automate incident categorization, assignments and so much more.

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