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There’s no question data has become critical to the decisions we make as marketers, and in particular, those that are assisted or driven by AI. Terminus has invested aggressively in allowing marketers to tap into and build on the rich data stories within our platform. Most of these efforts have been around low-code/no-code computing. For example, Terminus customers can adjust their AI-based account scoring models using an intuitive UI and without any coding whatsoever. Similarly, customers can build complex data application workflows on top of the Terminus platform that route data from key parts of our platform to other systems like CRM or marketing automation.
Data accuracy is a massive problem for marketers. According to Forrester, only 12% of marketers are confident in their data. CRM data is painfully inaccurate and incomplete, and manual efforts to clean, deduplicate and activate are slow and costly. This leads to poor conversion rates, an incomplete view of buying committees, and misleading ROI.
Terminus is now the only platform with a standalone and embedded CDP purpose-built to fix this problem. Why does it matter? Our customers can continuously cleanse and enrich their most important account data within an easy-to-use platform that scales with their ABM efforts. To put it simply, customers will finally be able to put their trust in their data, unleashing their go-to-market teams to accurately engage buying committees every time and execute multi-channel ABM at the highest level.
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In the healthcare space, marketing can be challenging to say the least. There are complex purchasing cycles with diverse buying committees, departmental silos with little (or limited) communication, and heavy privacy and regulatory concerns amongst many others.
ABM helps solve these challenges by using proven tactics to target and engage prospects at every stage of their buying journey. ABM also enables you to personalize the buying experience. Furthermore, targeting key accounts under a cohesive messaging strategy facilitates conversations — and buy-in — among all involved parties.
Buying committees for health care organizations can involve 8-10 people — some are decision-makers and some aren’t. ABM streamlines and simplifies the process of targeting these buyers, tracking patterns and gathering data insights — like each buyer’s priorities — and identifying similarities across accounts.
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As we look to 2022, I believe you’ll see B2B ABM become a lot more like B2C retail, where the best brands are delivering highly personalized experiences to consumers across channels, based on a single view of the customer that is privacy compliant. As pressure regarding third-party cookies and privacy compliance continues to mount, I believe you’ll see accelerated investment in owned, first-party channels like chat, website, social, and email, where companies are directly engaged with their prospects. Ultimately you’ll see the ABM sector continue to shift to real-time buyer engagement and targeting across multiple channels — helping the right buyers find the right information they need to inform their decision-making process.
By leveraging AI, analytics and automation, CDPs can automatically update account and contact data profiles, while also predicting intent and offering recommendations for ABM campaigns. Essentially, these capabilities provide a snapshot into customer behavior, enabling marketers to engage them, in real-time, throughout their journey. With this immediate, and holistic, understanding of their customers, companies can drive highly personalized interactions across all their marketing channels.
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Thank you, Matt! That was fun and we hope to see you back on soon.
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Proven track record of founding, building, and scaling technology businesses to billion-dollar valuations and exits, including eGroups ($420M), Macromedia ($3.4B), Omniture ($300M IPO, $1.8B acquisition). Domo private company valuation achievement of $2.2B and 100% growth, 2018 IPO. Founded GrowFlare (sales intelligence) and sold to Terminus in November 2020.
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Terminus was founded in 2014 out of a need to give B2B marketing and sales teams a better way to go to market. The premise was simple: since only 1% of inbound leads became customers, we set out to build a solution to help marketers find their next best customer and give them everything they needed to create a conversation with them. Since then, we’ve been working non-stop to build the best possible go-to-market platform for revenue teams, all while continuing to provide stellar customer service and GTM thought leadership.
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