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Today’s insurers know that their competitive survival depends on embracing innovation. But for the future-forward insurer, that’s not even half the battle.
The Harvard Business Review notes that insurers have traditionally faced two options for implementing new IT systems, both of which come with considerable tradeoffs. They could either have their own developers build entirely new systems — a model that aligns more closely with a company’s specific business requirements, but which also entails higher costs and longer development times. Alternatively, insurers could turn to external vendors — a much cheaper option that allows for quicker installation, but potentially at the expense of an ideal fit with the insurer’s business needs.
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White Paper
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How Well Does Your Policy Administration Lifecycle Perform?
The Process Intelligence empowers insurance organizations to gain a complete understanding of business processes and the content that fuels them. This insight opens doors to opportunities for improving the policy management lifecycle and increases your flexibility to scale. Download this eBook to learn more.
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When Insurtech Meets Coretech, the Customer Wins
In order to remain competitive and scalable, the next phase of digital transformation for insurance carriers must fulfill the need for customer experiences that are informed, personalized, and above all: fast. Download this white paper for a deep-dive into how coretech solves off-the-shelf insurtech woes and positions insurance companies to succeed in the future.
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Best Practices for Creating an Insurance Quoting API: The Ultimate Guide for Carriers, MGA-MGUs & Their Partners
The insurance and reinsurance industry is re-shaping and re-tooling at a record pace. The most exciting digitization technology making waves in the industry today is the quoting API, which boosts efficiency and retention. Download this ultimate guide for carriers, MGA-MGUs and their partners to learn best practices for creating an insurance quoting API.
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