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Low code/no code is a business catalyst enabling technologies to automate processes and allowing developers to create real-time solutions for their business. With low code, businesses are able to build, customize and deploy apps with little to no coding.
In this interview, Rackspace CTO Jeff DeVerter explains how low code is transforming software development and how Robotic Process Automation (RPA) complements low-code application platforms.
Jeff is one of our distinguished speakers presenting at Low Code Today Virtual Summit. During his keynote presentation, he will explain the newfound prominence of low code and outline how enterprises can best utilize the technology to accelerate the delivery of software and applications.
Find out why low code doesn’t mean “lone-coder” and why it’s important to have capabilities increased for the citizen developer by attending Jeff’ session at Low Code Today Virtual Summit on Nov. 19. To check out the full agenda or to register for free, visit the Low Code Today website.

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