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Automating routine work-related tasks and processes is a productivity advantage, but preparing technical tools to achieve automation took a long time before the advent of low-code / no-code tools. As more people move their main computer workspace from the desktop to a collaborative environment like Microsoft Teams or Slacks, the demand for enabling automated workflows based on a simple command or action has shifted there as well.
Access Slack Workflow Builder, a granular Slack service that provides low-code / no-code options for teams to automate tasks and then easily trigger them with an event or command. Earlier this year during Slack Frontiers, the company shared some usage statistics for the Slack Workflow Builder: More than 175,000 users created more than 515,000 workflows that were launched more than 25 million times.
One of the strengths of Workflow Builder is the growing collection of partner services to integrate with Slack workflows. At Slack Frontiers, the company announced a new partnership with Zapier for its Slack workflow creation service to automate activities such as connecting to Office 365, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Salesforce, Asana, Trello, Pipedrive, and Airtable.
Through Slack Workflow Builder, you can create custom workflows to automate processes through Slack. With Workflow Builder, you can eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline your team’s work.
A workflow is a series of activities required to complete a task. For example, you can use Slack to collect team information after a meeting. Instead of manually requesting feedback, you can automate those tasks with Workflow Builder.
Slack Workflow Builder comes with a variety of features to help you create custom automations to suit your business. Here are some of the best:
Custom workflows only take a few minutes to create and publish with the step-by-step tool.
Workflow Builder is quite easy to use once you understand how it works. First, let’s dive into some key terms you’ll need to use to develop custom workflows within Slack:
Each workflow is created using the same basic steps:
Slack Workflow Builder is currently only available for paid plans, including Slack Pro, Business +, and Enterprise Plus. However, if you have the free Slack plan, you can still take advantage of 10 app integrations like Google Calendar and Asana. This can provide you with some basic automation if you don’t have access to the Workflow Builder.
Not sure how Slack Workflow Builder would benefit your team? There are endless examples of workflows you can put together. We’ve pulled some of the best examples from around the web here, so you can get a good idea of ​​what Workflow Builder can do.
Slack comes with a host of built-in workflow features without the help of external elements. For example, you can create workflows to:
Slack also enables app integrations that can take your workflows to the next level. For example, when using an external application, you can:

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