MONTREAL — A recent report shows that enterprises are lagging in the adoption of automation.
The report by Syntax reveals a “critical reality check” on perception versus reality among IT and finance decision-makers when it comes to enterprise innovation, according to Syntax this month.
Syntax released the report this month: “Innovation Reality Check: A Crisis of Overconfidence in IT.”
The business landscape continues to shift as hybrid work moves into a more permanent position, emerging technologies require skilled workers, and cyber attacks continue to climb.
IT leaders who overestimate their capabilities “find themselves at risk of missing out on critical innovation.”
“As we stand at an inflection point in the way the world does business, enterprises have more opportunities than they think to get ahead of the competition and continue improving,” said Mike Rulf, CTO of Americas at Syntax.
“An honest assessment of capabilities now will only accelerate innovation in the future.”
Syntax surveyed 500 U.S.-based senior management leaders managing at least $500M in revenue to assess where their technology and business analytics capabilities fall on a spectrum.
The “Innovation Reality Check: A crisis of overconfidence in IT” is available online.
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