NICE is introducing new AI-powered capabilities that enable organizations to maximize the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) for their business.
Included in version 7.6, NICE RPA’s new capabilities include document digitization, ROI-based recommendation of ideal processes to automate, and a complimentary resource center with ready-made low-code/no-code resources for sharing.
In addition to reducing process analysis time and automating manual tasks, the innovative new capabilities also help organizations boost ROI and maximize the value of automation projects for the business, according to the vendor.
NICE RPA’s new capabilities enable organizations to use the power of digitization within their business. Features include:
“The digital age is powering productivity, improving service experiences, and accelerating ROI,“ said Barry Cooper, president, NICE workforce and customer experience group. “By digitizing processes and prioritizing automations that drive maximum business value, our latest RPA capabilities are accelerating the path to a digital-first strategy.”
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