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Hypi logoLondon-based startup Hypi has secured pre-seeing funding of £150,000 from SFC Capital to move its no-code development platform forward.
The no/low-code supplier landscape is becoming busier, making it harder for suppliers to stand out. Part of Hypi’s approach is to focus on entrepreneurs, providing them with a platform to create the web and mobile apps they need to enable or support their businesses, then goes a step further by publishing the app to Android and Apple app marketplaces as part of the offering. It also has (non-IT) designers in its sights, providing a platform for them to generate their own apps. There is a corporate element, with Hypi also aimed at IT professionals, where the pitch is dealing with standard and repetitive development tasks but this appears to be less of a focus area. Unusually, the platform does not need to be cloud based and can be integrated into companies’ existing software and applications infrastructure. 
The company says current non-enterprise clients are using the platform to develop apps across sectors such as accounting, agriculture, hospitality and the health sector and that during COVID lockdown, it worked with hospitals to prevent staff from getting infected from touching infected paperwork by replacing the paper process with an app. Given the combination of the shift in employment in response to COVID disruption and on-going digital adoption, the platform and proposition are timely. 
Posted by: Angela Eager at 09:30
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