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InfoQ Homepage News OutSystems Announces a Cloud Based Development Platform Project Neo in Preview
Nov 23, 2021 2 min read
Steef-Jan Wiggers
Recently, OutSystems announced a new cloud-native application platform, codenamed Project Neo, at their annual NextStep event. It is the first time in company history that OutSystems has launched a second platform, next to OutSystems 11 – a platform for enterprise-grade low-code development.
Project Neo is now available for public preview ahead of its official launch in 2022. It combines the productivity benefits of visual, model-based development with a container- and Kubernetes-based cloud architecture. With the platform developers can create everything from mobile apps and consumer websites to workgroup software and extensions of other core systems like Microsoft, SAP, and Salesforce on the cloud. Furthermore, by automating DevOps procedures, managing advanced cloud runtime, auto-documenting code, resolving code dependencies, doing regression testing, and enforcing architecture standards, the new platform addresses the essential yet undifferentiated parts of development.
According to news blog post by OutSystems developers can benefit from using Neo as they can focus more on code, make critical changes in hours, use the latest updates,  and by leveraging the autoscaling capabilities. In the same blog post, Paulo Rosado, CEO and Founder of OutSystems, said:
OutSystems is breaking the boundaries of traditional software development. With Project Neo, we’ve architected a platform that allows any development team to build any app at internet scale. Developers should be the artisans of innovation in their organization, but they are mired in complexity that stifles their ability to innovate and differentiate. Instead of using their talents to fix, change and maintain code and aging systems, you can give them industry-leading tools that unleash their creativity on your business, and achieve massive competitive advantage.
The company is following TriggerMesh in providing a platform for connecting applications which leverage Kubernetes. Moreover, OutSystems Chief Technology Officer Patrick Jean told InfoQ:
Our customers need state-of-the-art applications that are tailored to their unique business needs and can seamlessly evolve and scale to hundreds of millions of users with ease. They want a platform that enables their IT departments to build and operate customized apps that mirror the quality of the Netflixes or Ubers of the world, even if they don’t have an army of developers. That’s why we architected this platform, which offers the benefits of visual, model-based development with a container- and Kubernetes-based cloud architecture that’s hosted on Amazon Web Services, so even a small team of developers can build any type of app for any kind of device.
Lastly, developers can try out OutSystems 11 for free through a trail and preview Project Neo.

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