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Whether you’re new to coding, or an experienced pro, keeping up-to-date on languages while learning new skills is a constant challenge. Suppose your New Year’s resolution is to master a new coding skill. In that case, the 2022 All-in-One Learn to Code Certification Bundle offers fifteen courses for busy professionals and aspiring coders to tap into for their careers as part of our no-coupon-needed New Year, New You sale.
Each course in the bundle is built on practical code-along projects that you’ll be asked to do in your daily work, as well as fun experiments like video games and widgets. The course instructors include Oracle-certified Java programmer Lawrence Decamora, front-end engineer Rob Merrill, and Mohammad Nauman, PhD in computer science. 
They’re divided into concise lessons and designed to be accessed and reviewed at any time, anywhere, on any device with a modern browser. Each course is self-paced, as well, so you can set aside exam stress and concentrate on concepts and application.
The bundle includes courses in Golang and Swift for those looking to develop mobile apps; two courses on JavaScript to take you from novice to expert; a full Python bootcamp where you’ll build ten different real-world applications; and a bootcamp and series of projects for web developers focusing on HTML 5 and CSS. For web developers who want to go deeper, also included is a full bootcamp for Ruby on Rails 6.
If you’re more experienced, you can diversify your skills with a full course in Amazon Web Services, focused on the Solutions Architect Associate certification, or develop your SQL skills with a detailed course on database queries. If you’re curious about cryptos, you can learn about NFTs and Ethereum. Starting the new year with new skills keeps your work engaging and offers new solutions to common problems, and right now, this bundle is just $20.
Prices are subject to change.
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