BENGALURU: Tech Mahindra Ltd has partnered with US-based analytics platform Pyze to accelerate digital transformation and application modernisation using low code and legacy process optimisation.
“Through this partnership, low-code developers, IT teams, and business teams will be able to reduce process inefficiencies faster. It will further enable organizations to improve user productivity and adoption, and maximize ROI of process transformation and application modernization projects,” Tech Mahindra said in a statement.
Tech Mahindra and Pyze will work to implement data-driven improvement approach which will analyse process workflows based on origin and termination points. It will map and segment case workflows to identify bottlenecks & flag automation opportunities, workflow design improvements, UX and employee training needs.
“Retaining focus on digital transformation, we continue to research, innovate, and leverage next-gen technologies such as predictive analytics to provide enterprise modernisation solutions and enhance customer experience. Our partnership with Pyze is in line with our NXT.NOW framework, to enable enterprises to make data-driven business decisions and support their digital transformation journeys,” said Lakshmanan Chidambaram, president – Americas, Tech Mahindra.
As part of the partnership, Tech Mahindra and Pyze will leverage their domain expertise to help global customers identify business cases for application modernisation leveraging low code technology platforms.
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