Krutsch Associates, a digital product-design agency, has made a name for itself over the last decade by building complex websites for large, commercial operations such as Optum, Mayo Clinic and the state of Nebraska.
But after the pandemic forced people to contemplate their future, the Minneapolis-based firm started hearing from individuals who thought their ideas could be the next great mobile app.
The catch was they didn’t know how to build it themselves, and they also didn’t have millions of dollars to invest into an enterprise-grade website that would require a dedicated IT department to maintain.
That market shift was the basis for Krutsch founding Think. Code. Go., an app studio within the agency that constructs consumer-facing apps and mini websites that are easy for anybody to modify.
Kenneth Krutsch, the firm’s founder and president, said Think. Code. Go. is about recognizing good design is important, but accomplishing that with no or minimal coding wherever possible.
“We tell the client, we’re going to build you a car, and when we’re done, we’re going to give you the keys,” Krutsch said. “The beauty of the model is it’s low risk.”
The TCG process is more than just the site. Krutsch’s team of designers and developers help with feasibility studies, product strategy and testing. After that, branding and social media marketing is tackled through the firm’s in-house partner.
Krutsch said the firm’s team has already doubled to eightsince 2020, and is expected to double again next year as TCG adds more clients.
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