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Published on: August 26, 2021
Low-code tools are booming: In many companies such tools are now used, with which even regular users without programming knowledge can create applications. At least that is the promise of the provider – how they fare in practice is clarified by the new one iX 9/2021.

Because it quickly becomes apparent that there is no such thing as a perfect low-code tool. Rather, companies should select it for an explicit area such as industrial manufacturing. Furthermore, despite all the advertising claims of the providers, it is not possible without technical knowledge of the actual purpose – engineers, for example, still have to be familiar with the respective IIoT environment.
But why should you still rely on low code? On the one hand, the initial hurdle remains lower than with traditional programming. And what’s more, it doesn’t say that only regular users are allowed to work with these tools – if IT creates an application with them, users can then make changes themselves.
As a result, low code potentially relieves IT of the constant needs of users and, on the other hand, they receive the required functions more quickly. Details on this can be found in the practical articles about low code in industry and start-ups. A market overview of independent projects and commercial providers also helps when choosing the right tool.

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