According to a Gartner Magic Quadrant analysis, 65 percent of application development will be done on no-code/low-code platforms by 2024. No-code application platforms have contributed to productivity gains in a short span of time by assisting businesses in automating and digitising processes.
Below, we have curated a list of free No code ML platforms making a splash in 2021.
BigML is an open-source platform that offers machine learning and application integration services to businesses. The ML platform was established in 2011 to help with sorting data libraries and making data-driven decisions across industries. BigML allows you to build  machine learning and deep learning models without the need for any coding. It has a one-of-a-kind web interface for uploading datasets, developing descriptive predictive models, and assessing machine learning models. The Command Line Interface (CLI) offers versatility (known as bigmler). Moreover, BigML provides a REST API that works well with programming languages including Python, Ruby, and Java.
SkyCube is a machine learning tool designed to conduct experiments on structured data without writing a single line of code. Coding knowledge has been a barrier to entry in the machine learning space. SkyCube’s graphical user interface (GUI) offers a visual tour of machine learning processes, from data exploration to feature engineering to model training and prediction. SkyCube puts a lot of stock on data privacy. The SkyCube solution works entirely in your browser; the entire machine learning process takes place on your system without requiring any communication with the servers.
Teachable Machine is a no code ML platform from the house of Google. Teachable Machines, unlike AutoML (which is more developer-friendly), allows users to easily train models to identify images, sounds, etc and works directly in the browser. The users can train their models through simple drag & drop and can also use the webcam to build instant visual or audio datasets. The platform uses the Tensorflow.js package in the browser to ensure the data stays on the device. The completed model can be exported in Tensorflow.js or tflite formats and can be deployed in websites or apps. In addition, Onyx enables format switching. Moreover, the model can be exported, downloaded or hosted online for free. 
Google Cloud’s AutoML offers machine learning solutions such as Vision (image classification), Natural Language, AutoML Translation, Video Intelligence, and Tables that allow developers with little or no machine learning experience to train and customise models for specific use cases. AutoML offers out-of-the-box support for extensively validated deep learning models obviating the need to know transfer learning or how to design a neural network. After the model has been trained, users can test it and export it in.pb,.tflite, CoreML, and other formats.
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