The new connector extends Creatio platform with call management and call analytics capabilities
BOSTON, Sept. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Creatio, a global software company that provides a leading no-code platform for process management and CRM, today announced its long-term partner, a Chicago-based custom software development company Velvetech, has launched an Amazon Connect connector on the Creatio Marketplace. The app extends Creatio's no-code platform with call management and call analytics capabilities, thus serving as a central point of communication for end-users.
Amazon Connect connector by Velvetech allows agents to access the history of previous interactions during a call, and analyze communications based on the number of call attempts, conversation durations, and subsequent outcomes. Thanks to this new connector, users will have valuable and timely insights right at their fingertips and access to the most relevant information while interacting with customers. Which in turn will improve both customer-facing and operational workflows, thus the bottom line.
Velvetech specializes in developing custom software solutions that help clients address their unique challenges and achieve the set-out goals. The company's major areas of expertise include CRM implementation and call center automation, both of which continuously help companies across various industries unlock the full potential of their sales, marketing and service processes.
"We are thrilled to continue our long-standing partnership with Creatio and bring the Amazon Connect to our clients. The ability for users to make calls via Amazon Connect telephony while accessing all the relevant contact information is an invaluable feature that improves the efficiency of any sales or marketing team," said Yuri Yushkov, the CEO of Velvetech.
Creatio helps organizations create no-code companies by providing a platform that allows for automating business ideas in minutes. The company combines an intuitive no-code/low-code platform, best-in-class CRM and a robust BPM in a single solution to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations for mid-size and large enterprises.
To further accelerate operations, Creatio offers a composable approach to app development and workflow automation. Creatio's out-of-the-box functionality eliminates the need to build core modules for apps from scratch. Its pre-configured modules have common core functions that can be reused to develop different solutions more quickly. This way, users can repurpose prebuilt or newly-developed modules, plug-ins, and entire applications to rapidly create solutions.
About Creatio
Creatio is a global software company providing a leading no-code platform for process management and CRM. The company combines an intuitive low-code platform, best-in-class CRM and a robust BPM in a single solution to accelerate sales, marketing, service and operations for mid-size and large enterprises. Creatio is highly recognized as a market leader by key industry analysts and together with hundreds of partners, operates in 110 countries worldwide. More information can be found at
About Velvetech
Velvetech LLC is an award-winning custom software development and consulting company from Chicago, IL that facilitates innovation and growth in the mid-size market. The company's core services include enterprise software integration, business communications technology consulting, provision of intelligent AI/ML-enabled call centers, web and mobile apps. Relying on our thought leadership and technology expertise, our client partners get solutions that enable
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