Lack of funds or of knowledge of coding language is no more a valid reason to drop the idea of building a great start-up.   | Photo Credit: Freepik
Today technology has become an intrinsic part of businesses and has allowed start-ups to develop rapidly. However, not everyone can afford to integrate cutting-edge technology in their companies and often have to compromise. This is where no-code and low-code development platforms can help. Here are some benefits of embracing no-code/low-code:
Develop anything sans IT support: Anyone can build a mobile app, website, or digital asset irrespective of their knowledge of any coding language. These platforms offer simple-to-use drag-and-drop functionality for the user to put together the product they wish to build.
Easy to implement: LCNC platforms (Low Code/No Code) offer users the ability to build digital assets and allow one to maintain, upgrade, and integrate the solutions easily. One can select the desired plan to build and launch tech products at preferred platforms, and LCNC ensures the full functioning of your products. Also, these platforms help one come up with practical quick, and easy to implement tech solutions.
Break the bias: Lack of funds for technology or lack of knowledge of coding language is no more a valid reason to drop the idea of building a great start-up. Leveraging LCNC, anyone can create products of premium standards to compete with businesses across the globe.
Contribute as a citizen developer: More often than not, a good idea remains shelved because the creator lacks tech knowledge to initiate the process of development. Sometimes, a non-tech professional doesn’t even know if their idea is technically viable or not. Further, the high cost of development discourages people from even thinking about giving their idea a shot. In this case, LCNC platforms can play a vital role in balancing imagination and practical possibilities and that too without burning a hole in the pocket.
Helps reduce development time: Today, businesses are time-sensitive. Launching a product at the right time can impact the growth and success of the business immensely. With LCNC, it is now possible for anyone to build and launch the product as per the desired timeline.
The writer is the Founder, Appy Pie

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