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No-code and Low-code development platforms offer development environments that enable businesses to create software swiftly with least or no coding, decreasing the requirement for widespread coding experience.  Low-code platforms render base-level code and scripts.
Dedicated developers and non-developers can use such tools for rapid custom application development. With low code app development, you can perform various functions such as choosing User Interface (UI), selecting the look of the app, adding features, etc.
Let's move further and talk about The Best Low Code And No Code Platforms 2021.
The below-mentioned platforms are the top low-code and no-code platforms that help your business and developers in building apps without having any prior knowledge of technology and coding.
Low-Code development platforms mentioned here include outstanding features and functionalities; due to this reason, these platforms will be the future of mobile app development.
This no-code platform allows you to develop mobile and web apps and improve them according to business and technical requirements. You can formulate full-stack applications on this platform without any technology and coding knowledge.
Additionally, if you are a skilled developer, Outsystems enables you to utilize your custom codes in the app scripts to include new features. Security features granted by this low code app development platform proffers advanced security to your apps.
Rating: OutSystems got 4.6 stars at g2.
Outsystems Key Features
Appian is one of the best low-code development platforms. This platform grants up to 20X faster development process than standard hand-coding. Moreover, it is a Business Process Management (BPM) platform. 
This leading platform is utilized by different organizations to enhance customer experience, analyze global risk management, and attain operational superiority.  
Rating: Appian got 4 stars at g2.
Appian Key Features
Microsoft PowerApps allows you to produce applications instantly with the aid of pre-built templates. This is one of the top-level low-code development platforms that allow you to add high-level functionalities in the apps built on this platform.  
Skilled developers can create more modern apps with Azure functions granted by this low code app development platform.
Rating: Microsoft PowerApps has a 97% client satisfaction rate.
Microsoft PowerApps Key Features
Xplenty is a low-code ETL (extract, transfer, and load) data integration platform that allows users to effortlessly create data pipelines from over 100 data sources. 
This platform offers customization, versatility, and pre-built integrations to simplify the data transformation process. With this platform, you can form apps without code.
Rating: Got 4.4/5 stars on the business software review website G2.
Xplenty Key Features
This robust low code platform minimizes the complexity of mobile app solutions for enterprises or expert developers. Responsibilities like building charts, managing data, editing data, processing data, and so on get more simple with this platform. 
With Oracle JET, you can effortlessly add numerous visually attractive charts within the app. These profoundly customizable charts have multiple color alternatives and support various sorts of data.
Rating: Got 4.5 out of 5 stars, and its user satisfaction rate is around 90%. 
Oracle APEX Key Features
Quick Base is one of the most-loved low-code platforms. It is a broadly used database software and cloud-based RAD. This platform is used by various industrial verticals such as eCommerce, Healthcare, retail, finance, etc.
Rating: This platform got 4.5 stars
Key Features of Quick Base
GeneXus is a low code application development platform serving 9,000+ organizations worldwide. The platform enables you to create apps in a very outstanding manner. 
To make the custom application development process smoother and more efficient, GeneXus utilizes AI support with a Low-code development process. With GeneXus, you can create more profitable apps within very little time.
GeneXus Key Features
This Business Process Management (BPM) platform lets you build a business app without any coding knowledge. With Kissflow, you can create a workflow platform that allows user access without any trouble. 
Kissflow is used by 10,000+ users belonging to different famous brands and small enterprises.
Rating: Got around 4.5 out of 5 stars.
Kissflow Key Features
Studio Creatio is a powerful platform that allows you to develop custom solutions or update existing ones without enough technical experience. You can use this low code app development platform to create AI-supported solutions with any trouble. 
This platform enables great integration with technologies such as SOAP, .Net tools, REST, OData, and open API.
Rating: At Capterra got 4.5 stars out of 5.
Key features of Studio Creatio
This reliable no-coding platform has helped users in building 100,000+ apps. With this platform, you can build the app for yourself and your business, and it doesn't matter that you have a developer team or not, as using this platform does not require coding knowledge.
It is a cloud-native RAD platform which is utilizing IBM Cloud or SAP Cloud platform. This platform can deliver apps up to 10X quicker than with hand-coding.
Rating: This platform is liked by Gartner and Forrester. The user rating is typically 4.5 stars.
Mendix Key Features
Google App Maker is a reliable low-code platform provided by Google. It can be employed for creating a business application. Just like other platforms, it also has a drag-and-drop interface for creating applications. 
Rating: Got 4.5 stars out of 5
Google App Maker Key Features
This list of top Low Code And No Code Platforms 2021 will help you choose the best for agile application development. The good thing is that the person with no coding knowledge can also use all these platforms. 
These platforms provide robust features and functionalities and also save the development cost; seeing all this, I can say that Low Code Platforms will be the trend of mobile app development. 
If you are pondering developing the leading custom application development with  Low Code Platforms, I recommend you get in touch with the experts. This will help you use all functionalities of the platform in a very excellent manner.
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