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Experts believe that in the near future almost 50 percent of business applications will be of the low-code platform and it is the next technological trend to redefine the development landscape.
Fremont, CA: Software application development is the most demanding expertise in the market. For that reason, it is a struggle for businesses, small or medium, to find suitable talents to help them with their requirements. In such cases, organizations rely on low-code development technology. This technology allows users to create an application with or without code. Moreover, the traditional software development process is time-consuming as well as expensive.
Low-code development offers visual interfaces and flexibility of drag-and-drop designs, forms, processes, modules, workflows, integrations, and data models. All the elements and features such as code (frontend and backend) and configuration files are automatically generated. In addition, this platform uses fourth-generation programming languages and agile application tools to restore code data, and helps in restructuring, simplifying, and speed up the application delivery. One of the major advantages of low-code development is that it potentially reduces the possibility of errors in the manual coding process. By utilizing cloud technology, testing the application in an integrated environment is possible.
Notably, this technology can benefit businesses in several ways. For instance, the required development tools are particularly designed for in-house teams, thereby eradicating the need for an external team. Similarly, organizations are able to bridge the skill gap of non-developers and have them contribute to the product as well. Besides, the manual software development process can take up to a year or more to finalize the product while using this technology businesses can develop applications along with their other business requirements.
Even though low-code development comes with its limitations, most companies are now able to afford software development without investing more time in the process. Incorporating technologies like artificial intelligence, blockchain, and IoT can open up more possibilities for this technology.  
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