PixieBrix — the first low-code platform that allows users to modify the interface of any website — announced it has closed $3.5 million in seed funding led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA) with additional participation from Tableau co-founder Chris Stolte, DataRobot CEO Dan Wright and Paul Holland, General Partner at Foundation Capital.
The availability of developer-focused and AI-driven tools opened many doors for workflow automation. But productivity is stunted when tools are designed for specific users without the opportunity for customization. And PixieBrix is changing the way users interact with the Internet, rendering it more useful for individuals and their work by democratizing web customization to give anyone the power to customize any site on the web.
Through PixieBrix, developers, sales and marketing professionals, data scientists, knowledge workers (virtually anyone) can easily add or modify various UX elements for richer, customized functionality on any site (whether it’s LinkedIn or Salesforce) while preserving the site’s native look and feel.
PixieBrix essentially works as a Chrome web browser extension that comes with a set of building blocks, or Bricks, that can be combined to create custom integrations and workflows. And integrations developed within PixieBrix can interact with any website the user visits.
Through PixieBrix, which offers enterprise-grade access, security and auditing controls, users can:
1.) Customize any web interface through panels, buttons, fields, menus and more
2.) Automate repetitive actions
3.) Engage with RPA, AI, and other APIs
4.) Share their own custom bricks and extensions in the PixieBrix Marketplace
“PixieBrix is giving control back to the user and taking the web to a place it’s never been before, where anyone–even those without coding skills–can customize the entire user experience of any site. We’re like Wix for sites you don’t own.”
— PixieBrix CEO and co-founder Todd Schiller
“This new layer of functionality doesn’t just improve sites for individual users, it creates a new level of stickiness for the sites themselves. We’re rendering the web more valuable for all.”
— PixieBrix CCO and co-founder Mike Mirandi
“Digital disruption provides an opportunity for people to improve how they work in a globalized world. The best applications of technology improve upon user experiences and workflows. TaskUs harnesses these experiences to provide our clients with agility and flexibility, and PixieBrix has been one of the key enablers in making our vision a reality.”
— Manish Pandya, SVP, Digital at TaskUs
“We are impressed with PixieBrix’s vision and capability to bring a new level of flexibility and functionality to the web that will satisfy just about any use case across every industry. The platform is driving a profound shift in the way people interact with the web, and we are thrilled to partner with the team at this transformational stage of growth.”
— Hilarie Koplow-McAdams, Venture Partner at NEA
“Despite all the innovation it represents, the modern web has in many cases left end users behind. Todd, Mike and their team have developed an elegant solution to this vexing problem, and they’re taking the capabilities of the simple web browser to the next level.”
— Chris Stolte, co-founder, board member and technical advisor at Tableau Software


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