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Published on: September 13, 2021

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Market overview: tools and platforms for low code and no code development

Low code beyond IT departments

Overview and market dominator

RPA feature, Excel alternatives and summary table

Only partially positive

Market overview: providers of low-code and no-code platforms

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“The future of coding is called No Coding!” GitHub co-founder Chris Wanstrath of all people agreed in his last keynote in 2017 as CEO of the code platform to say goodbye to traditional programming. He is convinced that coding is no longer the real heart of development. Rather, building software will in future be less and less associated with typing program lines. Even creating software without any handwritten code was a realistic prospect for Wanstrath. In the usual US-American understatement, he expected great tools and new ways of building software.
Since then, the market for low code development has been growing unchecked, but we will have to wait a while until application requests simply have to be expressed in order to automatically generate executable programs using AI / ML libraries.
Of the Name coined by Forrester Research in 2014 is the program: Low-Code-Tools (LC) should lower the entry threshold for software development. Instead of messing around with the concepts of complex programming languages ​​and manual coding, developers use the modular principle to click applications together almost entirely from ready-made software modules or objects using drag-and-drop. If necessary, only a few lines need to be programmed. If the low-code principle is taken to extremes and work is carried out entirely without manual programming, the term No Code (NC) has consequently established itself as a classification criterion for relevant development aids. So that professional software development does not feel sidelined, the term Pro Code was created for the traditional tool offer.

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