Analytics cloud platform and SaaS company Qlik recently announced the debut of Qlik Application Automation, a no-code solution designed to drive action from context-aware insights through streamlined and optimised workflows between SaaS applications and Qlik Cloud. The Qlik Application Automation helps invoke downstream processes, trigger alerts and enhance collaboration that shortens time to value. 
“With Qlik Application Automation’s no-code, drag and drop approach to automating tasks and data workflows between Qlik Cloud and hundreds of SaaS apps, teams can more easily create the scalable connections and data flows that compel action and shorten time to value from data throughout their entire organisation,” said James Fisher, Chief Product Officer of Qlik. 
Chris Brunton, Business Intelligence Manager at Dorel Home, said, “With Qlik Application Automation, we’ll be able to take the next step in activating our data to drive smart processes that can help us respond to changing conditions across the globe”.
Qlik Application Automation cuts down the time needed for programming of repetitive back-office tasks and gives more time back to teams to deliver compelling real-time analytics with
Qlik Application Automation creates a seamless connection between the market’s leading analytics platform and the 3rd party SaaS applications that drive every business. With automated analytics environments, applications, and workflows, IT and data teams can dramatically increase data-driven actions with context-aware insights throughout the organisation. Using Qlik Application Automation’s reusable templates, teams can ensure consistency and enhance productivity, especially for tasks such as analytics DevOps, app publishing, and the delivery of insights from Qlik to collaboration tools such as Slack and MS Teams. 
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