October 12, 2021
ServiceNow and Celonis intend to help companies digitize and modernize their processes through a strategic partnership. Products are planned that combine the functions of the low-code platform from ServiceNow and the execution management platform from Celonis.

The focus is on finding and prioritizing processes that are suitable for automation. This data then provides companies with the basis for understanding how their workflows work and how they can optimize them. Process bottlenecks should be able to be identified quickly. The combination of the process intelligence from Celonis and the digital workflows from ServiceNow provides the information in real time.

The execution management platform of the German company Celonis uses process mining supported by artificial intelligence. Business processes are examined and visualized based on their digital traces. ServiceNow’s low-code platform, on the other hand, enables users to automate manual processes and create apps with little IT knowledge.
The planned joint products should be available in the first half of 2022. ServiceNow is also planning a financial investment in Celonis. Information on the partnership can be found in the blogs of Celonis and ServiceNow.
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