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The SKEEPERS Group, provider of people-smart SaaS solutions that enable brands to generate value for and from their customers, is adding a new solution to its product suite called CX Management.
The low-code platform—a combination of recently acquired international startups MyFeelBack and Mediatech-CX—streamlines the customer feedback process for brands to inform data-driven decision-making.
CX Management is a plugin solution that collects customer experience data in measurable and actionable ways, according to the vendor.
The platform is designed to collect customer feedback via personalized online surveys, strategically distributed at various aspects of the customer journey on the delivery channel that best suits a brand’s audience (website, mobile app, SMS, email, chatbots, etc.).
The questionnaires have a high response rate, with 60% completed on average; twice as high as the average response rate of 33% for customer survey channels. With easy-to-navigate data systems, the platform generates customized reports so brands can identify what areas they are doing well in and what areas they need to improve.
In addition to aggregating data from a brand’s digital properties, CX Management allows brands to gather customer feedback in-store, post-purchase. The omnichannel approach provides brands with the full scope of the customer experience—offline and online.
“This solution addresses the most burning questions brands and marketers have such as why are customers abandoning their cart or why did a potential customer leave the site in under a minute,” said Pascal Lannoo, CMO at SKEEPERS. “CX Management will bridge the gap between a brand’s perceived notion of a customer’s experience versus the reality, which can be boiled down to one question: how loyal are your customers to your brand? Thanks to its Net Promotion Score function, the answer to the question can be quantified.”
CX Management easily integrates with a brand’s existing marketing technology ecosystems including ContentSquare, Salesforce and HubSpot. Early adopters of the platform include brands such as Nespresso, L’Oreal, Clarins, MetLife, BRP and Hilti, looking to better serve their online and offline customer experiences.
The launch of CX Management follows the company’s recent expansion and introduction of its solution TEESTER to the US market, reinforcing SKEEPERS’ broader mission in building products that strengthen the relationship between brands and their customers, according to the vendor.
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