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Developers around the world, have started using low-code platforms to enable rapid application development, support complicated integrations as well as deliver user-friendly experiences. There is a rapid development in some low-code platforms to extend a wide variety of applications with different hosting options and data center deployments. Developers tend to use no-code platforms due to their help in launching websites and developing applications for start-ups. These no-code platforms provide drag-and-drop components without any coding. This is very useful for beginners who are weak in coding but can quickly assemble and design applications. Let’s look into some top low-code and no-code ML platforms for beginners.
Microsoft PowerApps
Microsoft PowerApps is one of the popular low-code ML platforms for beginners that allows creating mobile apps on Android, Apple or Windows. Microsoft PowerApps provides a drag-and-drop user interface to add different controls, media as well as a screen to build a mobile app. It also allows the developers to analyze data, build solutions and create virtual agents including connecting these with Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and many applications. It helps to build end-to-end business solutions by putting data-driven insights efficiently.
Visual LANSA
Visual LANSA is another well-known hybrid low-code platform that combines low-code as well as traditional coding in the same IDE. It enables rapid building, deployment, and operation of mobile apps to make the business run smoothly. It has some exciting features for beginners such as flexible IDE, convenient repository, and versatile integration to become a full-stack developer.  The developers can easily create the entire application and shift existing apps written in other languages. LANSA helps in delivering company-wide innovation, productivity, and control.
OutSystems is a modern low-code platform that uses visual, AI-powered tools and model-driven development to enhance the whole application lifecycle. It assists developers in building useful applications effectively and efficiently. The apps can be deployed with a single click and run at any place quickly. These cloud-native applications tend to be secure, resilient as well as built to scale. OutSystems has some lucrative features such as full-stack visual development including drag-and-drop user interface, logic and data models, single-click deployment, in-app feedback, automatic and guided refactoring as well as different scales.
Google AutoML
Google AutoML is a popular no-code ML platform that trains high-quality custom machine learning models with minimum effort. It also enables beginners with limited machine learning expertise to create custom models in a few minutes. Google AutoML has included natural language, tables, translation, video intelligence as well as vision. The developers can test and export the machine learning model through .pb, .tflite, CoreML, or any other format without the need to build neural networks.
RunwayML is a popular no-code platform because beginners with no prior experience can expand their creativity with a green screen. It is the first tool for professional rotoscoping on the web while exporting full resolution 4K videos for all types of projects. It uses cutting-edge machine learning to explore the unlimited creative potential of AI. RunwayML consists of several features like green screen, generative media, model playground, training, hosted models as well as facial animation that is coming soon for the developers.
ObviouslyAI helps in data prediction within a few minutes without writing any code for the beginners. This no-code platform enables beginners as well as non-techies to run predictions on their historical data with a few clicks. With ObiouslyAI, business leaders can predict revenue flow, effective supply chain management as customized marketing campaigns with a set of real-time data and custom machine learning model.

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