Take this quick, multiple-choice survey and tell us how low-code and no-code platforms are impacting your business.
By | May 5, 2021 — 14:11 GMT (07:11 PDT) | Topic: Developer

Thanks to low-code and no-code platforms, you don’t even need to know how to code to become a developer. 
According to Joe McKendrick’s article What is low-code and no-code? A guide to development platforms, “low- and no-code often get used interchangeably, but there’s a shade of difference between the two categories. Low-code solutions, typically target users with some development experience, or developers needing to quickly build apps. … No-code solutions take this abstraction a step further, introducing visual drag-and-drop interfaces that involve no coding at all.”
Take the low-code/no-code usage survey
Low-code and no-code usage show no signs of slowing down. 
McKendrick continues that according to a recent KPMG survey, “the number of executives naming low- and no-code development platforms as their most important automation investment has nearly tripled, from 10% to 26%.”
For some developers, these platforms are a welcome time-saving solution to focus their efforts on other higher-value projects. While others might disagree, and instead, fear that low-code and no-code platforms will result in fewer developer jobs.
What do you think low-code and no-code platforms mean for the enterprise? TechRepublic Premium is doing a survey to find out. If you’re familiar with your company’s use of low-code or no-code platforms we want to hear from you. 
Take the low-code/no-code usage survey
The survey contains 10 multiple-choice questions and should take less than five minutes to complete. Responses will be compiled in an upcoming special feature report. 
By | May 5, 2021 — 14:11 GMT (07:11 PDT) | Topic: Developer
Report reveals the pros and cons of workforce training initiatives
Survey: Low-code and no-code platform usage increases
The rise of no-code and low-code software (free PDF)
How does your company help employees advance their careers? Tell us!
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